René van Dijck consider quality to be of paramount importance.
In 1996 the company was accredited the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

This was a conscious choice to ensure that all internal procedures continued to run smoothly and efficiently. This not only enables rapid and flexible response to our customers' requirements and possible alterations, but also means that any errors can be traced, monitored and resolved as quickly as possible. Over the years this has proven a successful formula and has led to a better product.

Furthermore, René van Dijck meets the criteria laid down for the assessment of the reliabillity and performance of HACCP systems safeguarding the product safety of food and drinks.

In respect of animal feed transport, René van Dijck has warranted that their services continuously meet all legislative and regulation requirements regarding animal feed transport, based on the GMP regulations for the animal feed sector in relation to human and animal safety and the safety of the environment.

BVQI recently presented René van Dijck with the HACCP and GMP certificates.